Ms Marshae face sits and jerks it off

I love a good face sit and handjob. Ms Marshae was glad to oblige :-). Her ass is so fat but not quite BBW so I could still breath but her hand squeezing on that dick felt soo good.

Ms Marshae photoset 3

Domincan Leta shakes it then gets it

The wonderful thing about Bronx NY is spanish harlem where I met Leta, I got her number and eventually told her about my site, she was intrigued and decided to come aboard. She shakes it nicely, her big plump brown ass looks like sweet caramel ready for the licking. I could not help but to full her plump pussy with such ferocity.


Ms Marshae comes to thephatness

Miss Marshae finally finds her way on thephatness. I had been looking to shoot with her for a minute. Her amazing curves are very enticing, and her sweet personality is a nice bonus. In this video she poses, stretches and moves as I take photos.

Ms Marshae photoset 2

Southern Velvet gets that nut

Southern Velvet really gets into it, I think the slow grind type deep-stroking must have had an effect on her. I decide to go a little bit harder and she has an intense orgasm, I actually had a hard time physically controlling her, she is naturally VERY Strong for some reason, but explains her natural solid build. She gets even more horny she starts shaking that ass whilst I switch condoms before I give it to her deep and bust a nut on her sexy phat ass.

Thick Dominican Leta

Southern Velvet face sits and gets deep stroked

Southern Velvet starts to jerk me off, then proceeds to provide some good oral. I suggest she sits on my face and she agrees. I love getting my face sat on, and I repay her with a nice deep stroke, I dont have to kill the pussy ... every time

Ms Marshae photoset 1

Introducing Southern Velvet

He we have a new model, she can only be seen on this site, Miss Southern Velvet. She is around 300lbs, solid. She is shy by nature, it took some work for my to convince her to join my world he he he. In this clip she shows off her incredible sexiness. ENJOY :-D

Southern Velvet pt 3

Scrumptious gets that nut

Scrumptious gets that back banged out nicely before receiving that nut. This will not be the last we will be seeing of scrumptious on this site. Stay tuned, she will be back!!

Southern Velvet pt 2

SSBBW Scrumptious rides

Me and Scrumptious continue to go at it hard. I continue with missionary and I try another position not normally seen in my videos. I decide I want to feel all that SSBBW sexiness on top of me. As she rides you can see that giant ass giggle and squeeze in many lovely angles for you to enjoy.

Introducing Southern Velvet

Scrumptious gets fucked hard

Scrumptious gets it nice and hard finally. She is so luscious I could not help but to give it to her the way she deserves. First she gets it from the back hard, I decided I wanna go BALLZ deep so reposition my self so I can use the power in my legs. I take a second to taste that pussy from the back then I pound her hard form the back some more, than take her missionary style

Scrumptious naked

Scrumptious face sits

Me and PERRIER GUSHMOORE finish up our photoshoot. Scrumptious starts with demonstrating her oral skills, she is so sexy with it!!!. I eventually need to feet all that ass on my face. While she is on top i taste that pussy and Scrumptious seems to like it, as I can feel her smother me with all that ass!!!

The GIANT BOOTY of Scrumptious