Dominican Leta face rides then gets fucked from the back and gets that pussy pounded.

Prada thick in pink

Prada Thick RIDES

Pradathick curves are nothing short of amazing!!! It all starts with her getting rubbed, then eventually the wonderful face sit. She sucks the dick like a champ, all nice and sloppy and sexy !! She likes to ride with her feet on the bed and just slam down on the dick. Then she gets it from the back.


Domincan Leta Returns

One of thephatness favorites Dominican Leta comes back, plump and sexy as EVER. This time we started with a bit more of an organized photo-shoot. As you can see for a sec she gets distracted by something going on outside of the room. In this video you can see each and every bit of her curves as she poses and show off the sexiness she truly possesses.

Prada thick set 1


The lovely miss PRADA THICK comes to thephatness. She is a BBW dyme in evey way. She has amazing curves, a smaller waist and a really cute face. She stands around five feet even so she a cute shorty. In this video she shows off her curves for us to enjoy

Kalyani got a phat pussy

Straight POUNDIN Kalyani

Kalyani got strait pounded from the back, stand up in the pussy style type pounding. She was moaning and screaming till I got my nut.

Big Fluffy booty Brit Brit

Brit Brit gets that nut

Brit Brit I felt needed that real thug lovin. I lost control and choked her while giving it to her hard, apparently she did not mind. I made sure the got it in BALLS deep in that pussy. When it was all said and done, she got that nut on that ass.

Kalyani thicker and better

Kalyani got a thcik tasty pussy

Kalyani thicker, is much better !! Those super long legs and that phat aze are simply enhances by her gain. Some may not agree but for me thicker is better. She starts to play with that phat pussy and eventually she got help, with the tongue and da dick. She loves to get that pussy ate and pounded right!!

Brit Brit hourglass beauty

Brit Brit face sits, gets lifted and gets fucked

I had to have Brit Brit put that big tatted ass on my face!!! At first she was reluctant but then really got into it once it started. Then I had her suck the dick for a while, but once we got it in, WE GOT IT IN!!! From missionary, to standing missionary to intense pounding doggy style, handling all that ass the way it should be handled!!

Thick Amazon Kalyani returns


Kalyani stands six three or four, I am not really sure, but she returns to thephatness but this time, a little thicker. She shows off her lovely thick curves stripping off her outfit a piece at a time, she starts of a little shy for some reason but get comfortable once she realizes the weight gain is not a bad thing at all.

Introducing Brit Brit

Introducing Brit Brit

Thick ass Brit Brit, sometimes known as Stallion has an innocent looking face and a big massive ass and amazing curves. When I saw her from rude.com a while ago I had to contact her to do a shoot, she was down, so as usual we start with a nice photoshoot.

Fallon Fierce Curvy BBW Cutie