Kalyani loves to ride

Kalyani favorite position is being on top, with that plump booty and those long legs, there aint nothin wrong with that

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Kitty Galore Rides hard and gets that nut

Kitty Galore finally gets that nut!!! But not before riding that dick with intensity and a final backshot poundout!!

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Tall vs. short round 1 !!!

Six foot, two inches Kalyani vs. five foot, seven inches Orion. Kalyani gets her first taste of what I have in store for her. She has never had a shorter man before, she seems to be the type to underestimate what we can do, alas, I feel I gotta rep for the short bruthas and prove her wrong!! The first try, honestly I nutted in 5 minutes, a rarity for me, but I was ready for her again in about 2 minutes and I was able to go ballz deep in this sexy amazon. I even decided to let her get a ride on my dick train as I lift her from the ground with her long ass legs!!!

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That Kitty GETS POUNDED!!!

Miss Kitty Galore did not realized the fucking she was in for when she was riding. Apparently, she proved herself ready and able to take what was coming. I get on top and fuck her hard a few times and I also get it from the back. Alot of aggressive deep dicking and hair pulling action!!

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Tall thick Amazon Kalyani

Kalyani is a 6 foot 2 indian/brazillian mix. A rare combo, but her height is what caught my attention. She is not BBW but she was too unique for me to pass up. In this video she poses for me and ends it with a nice blow job ... she almost made me nut 3 times !!!

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Kitty Galore gets wet from sucking and cums while riding

Kitty Galore starts by sucking, by my surprise she is dripping WET from just sucking dick!! It made me wonder what happens when she gets her sexy plump pussy filled up. I found out once she got on top, she can ride like a champ as she screams and moans on her way towards getting a good nut.

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Ms. Marshae fucked till incoherence

The final chapter between me and Ms Marshae. She continues on top and rides vigorously!! Alot of ass popping and clapping and spreading as she takes da dick. She then takes it doggy style like a trooper, you can see the action from the side and top POV to get a good look at that booty wobbling action. At the end I dont hold back to get that intense nut and she is basically worn the fuck out!!

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Introducing Kitty Galore

Introducing Kitty Galore. When she hit me up and she told me her name, I found it fitting because she does remind me of a sweet kitty. She has a very strong natural sexual aura. This is her first time ever being filmed, and she handled it like a natural.

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Ms Marshae gets dat dick

I was like enuff of these lickity games, we both know what we wanted to do. We start with missionary, I love seeing all her curves as she is penetrated ferociously. Then I really get on top for the real balls DEEP dicking holding her in place so she does not miss one inch. Then it becomes her turn to take control as she rides ass cheeks spreading and all.

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Dominican Leta gets that nut

Dominican Leta gets the pussy stretched missionary style at first, you can see her fat pussy getting penetrated as she moans and talks a bit lol. She gets to a point the dick gets a bit much and she tries to control the action. She gets on top and rides really nicely, but I take control and make that ass bounce. Then I get up all in there in my favorite squatting doggy-style and squeeze a nice nut off on her ass.

Introducing Kitty Galore