Black Pashion vs. Orion wrestling fuck !!!

A man can take so much wrestling with sexy Black Pashion, eventually she had to experience the other end of my tension, and man can she handle what I have to dish out.

Black Pashion pic set 3

Orion Vs Black Pashion

I had challenged Black Pashion to a wrestling match. She is 5 foot 8 inches and around 300lbs, I am 5 foot 7 inches at 200 lbs. I had to take the challenge and see who would win. I was surprised but how strong she really is and I had underestimated her. She used her sexiness to her advantage to try to turn the match to her favor.

Black Pashion pic set 2

Mz Fire gets it from the BACK !!!

I had to showcase her lovely fit like ass. I had a hard time not nutting quick looking down and seeing all that. I soo had to share what I was seeing. I hope everyone enjoys as i make her ass bounce like it supposed to

Black Pashion pic set 1

Perriea Gushmoore rides deeply

One of my site members had requested I put up more video I have of this lovely beauty. She is cute bubbly and our first footage was really breaking her in, after our first round, she was a little more prepared to handle da dick. She finally has how own site PGUSHY.COM, she has so much in store, including some new talent which no one has ever seen before.

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Mz Fire gets da dick finally part 2

Honestly ... I wish I would have pound Mz Fire relentlessly but I was not sure if she can handle a hard pounding meant for a REAL BBW, nevertheless, she is sexy as fuck!!!

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SSBBW Supreme Diva gets that NUT

Supreme Diva gets that nut finally. She gets on top for one more wild ride. Then she gets it hard from the back before i finish her off with a nice hard pounding a busted nut.

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Mz Fire gets da dick finally

Our first meeting, I was not sure she was ready, so we did everything else but fuck. Now, I decide it is time for her to get what was coming to her, she thick but dayum that ass is just solid when hittin from the back with its own kinda bouncs

Supreme diva set 3

Supreme Diva gets it hard and RIDES IT OUT

Supreme Diva is a lovely SSBBW ... but that does not mean i will take it easy on her. I decided to really give it to her HARD and then she decides to ride it out LOVELY. Plently of ass bouncing action, especially when I support her weight from the bottom and make that as bounce violently !!

Supreme diva set 2

SSBBW Supreme Diva facesits and gets it good

I remember the first time I saw a DVD with Supreme Diva in it. I was floored by how pretty and sexy she is. I will admit I was not impressed with the male performer performance at all. I always thought I could do better. Eventually the opportunity arose for me to see if my guess was accurate. When I finally met her, I realized how cool she really is, and so energetic!!! I asked her to sit on my face and man did that turn me on. She noticed how hard i was and she proceeded to suck me off real good. Once I got behind her it was done ... I got it IN !!!

SSBBW Supreme Diva pic set 1

Sweet Serena gets that NUT

I finish off with my favorite and most intense position and a bust a huge load all over her thick sexy ass.

Sweet Serena 2