Sweet Serena gets FUCKED !!!

The sexual tension between me and Sweet Serena was fucking insane, once i put the photo camera down it was on !!!

Sweet Serena updated 7/1/2010

Sweet Serena knows how to ride

Sweet Serena is a lovely woman I have known for a while. She had helped me with setting up my other more tech oriented business. When I showed her this site she was intrigued ... and I turned on, she decided to step in front of the camera and into my little world, and lets just say ... this girl knows how to take some dick and ride real well ... as wall as doing my taxes lol.

Perriea Gushmore part 2

Perriea Gushmore gets broken in part 2 UPDATED 06/24/2010

I really wanted to pound Perriea hard ... but it seems she was not able to take it at the time, alas ... usually I GO HARD and I GET IT IN ... but when I tried ... it was just not working ... so I settled for stretching that plump pussy. I LOVE A NICE PLUMP PUSSY !!! DONT YOU ?

Perrier Gushmore

Perrea Gushmore gets broken in

Before any other site Perrea Gushmore did a video with me. She wanted to get into the adult business. I told her about my secret double life. She wanted to give it a try so i broke her cute ass in.

Mz Fire pics 2

We be GRINDIN !!!

I did not think Mz. Fire was ready for the FULL POUNDING I had in store for her. She wanted to taste it but I like the jerk I am at times, I denied her and got a nice grind session instead

MZ Fire pics

Kristina gets fucked from the bottom

This is my favorite position to get the pussy .... from the bottom while i pump like a piston.

KrisTina pix

KrisTina gets it good

Now I met KrisTina the first time a year before this video was made. She is a sexy taller type of chick. I was in the mood for a late night rendezvous and apparently so was she. The first time we met I did not really give it to her the way she deserved ... this time i did!! And I also tried to see if she will ever let herself squirt.

Jenny Delicious starts to ride

Jenny Delicious gets it good

I could not get enough of sweet plump Jenny, I had to bring to an end with a BANG !!!!

Jenny Delicious gets it from the back

That big juicy ass had to get it from the back. Jenny turned around and gave me what I have been hungering for ... I went at it for 20 minutes pounding her out from the back and she loved every minute of it !!!

Jenny Delicious starts to ride

There is nothing better than to feel the full weight of a BBW sitting on your hips as she rides, what is even better is taking control and making her ass jiggle as u get it good from the bottom ... Jenny is a big girl but that does not stop me from giving it to her the way she deserves, from any position.