SSBBW Scrumptious comes to thephatness

SSBBW Scrumptious has arrived. She is a very lovely woman with unbelievable curves and an level headed and humble nature. Watch as me and Perrier Gushmoore direct her in a photo-shoot to capture her in a way that we know BBW lovers will appreciate


Chyna Red bounced on that dick and showers

The final chapter of Chyna Red on thephatness, i make her bounce on that dick with vigor !!! Afterwards she decides to shower and clean up, showing her amazing curves. Luckily my camera girl is BI !!! ... She helps Chyna to get a nice nut at the end !!!

SSBBW Scrumptious photoset 2

Fallon Fierce gets that ass bounced good

After the photoshoot I was ready to give it to Fallon Fierce really good. I tried something interesting, I supported all 300- something pounds with my legs and stomach and made her bounce on dat dick !!!

Lovely SSBBW Scrumptious pic set 1

Chyna red part 2

Chyna Red gets on top and shows off her riding skills. Me and the camera girl got on her about not being able to take dick and she wanted to try to prove us wrong lol.

Fallon fierce got amazing thighs

Fallon Fierce lapdances and face sits

Fallon Fierce comes back as cute as ever!! She lost some weight too and of course has the curves that will never lets a BBW lover down. She does a nice photoshoot, then she gives a nice lapdance then continues into an awesome face sitting session

Fallon Fierce shows that sexy plump ....

Chyna red comes to the phatness

Chyna Red was a chick I had been a fan of for a minute. This was filmed a while ago lol, but I held on to the footage and decided to let it out now. She is not as big as she used be and at the time was working out. She still cant take dick, but I eventually make her take da dick lol. Enjoy.

Fallon Fierce part 2

Pocahontass gets pounded

I decided that Pocahontass had enough from being on top. She needed to get dicked properly, and that what she got!!

Fallon Fierce returns

Pocahontass Face sits and rides

Pocahontass is a cute short BBW I met. She is a little shy, but she came all the way from Rhode Island to hang out. I talked her into letting me record some of the action, she was soo down. With a big ass like that I had to experience her weight on my face. I never understand facesit flix where the guy is not at attention, cause I was ready from start to finish.

Chyna Red pic set 2

BBW Superstar Rides

BBW Superstar rides really well. To see all them stars gyrate is like a work of art !!!!

Chyna Red pic set 1


When I saw bbwsuperstarsxxx vids, I had to meet up with her. She is sexy as fucking and i wanted to make those stars on her ass experience my super nova. She sucks, takes it and rides it like a fucking champ.

BBW Pocahontass pic set 1